Terms and Condition

1. Registration for Membership

  • A student who admits into any educational program of the University which comes under the category of Diploma, Under Graduation (UG) and Post Graduation (PG) programs with minimum duration of 1 year can become a member of the YOSOT 2020 Scheme.
  • The membership is free of cost.
  • The student has to register himself on the YOSOT Mobile App of the University.
  • The registration must be done within 1 week after the admission.

2. Activities for the Member Student

  • The Universitywill provide a list of names of the trees. A tree of his choice and availabilityshould be selected by the studentfrom the given list.
  • Asapling of the selected tree should be procured by the student. The University will not provide the saplings.
  • The selected sapling should be planted at anyproper placewhich is convenient for the student.
  • The student may plant more than one saplings but the credit will be given to only 1 plant.
  • The first photograph of the sapling through YOSOT mobile app, with GPS tag, must be captured and uploaded on the same day of plantation. The photograph must clearly manifestthe type, size, colour and location of the sapling.
  • The sapling should be well nurtured throughout the year.
  • The photograph uploading process for the same plant must be repeated after each quarter (3 months), preferably in the first week (first 7 days) of the respective month.i.e. July, October, January and April, till the year end exam. Thus 4 photographsare to be uploaded in 1 year.
  • In case of the programs with more than one year, the student should repeat the same process and plant a new sapling for each year.

3. Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Image data of the photographs of the plants uploaded by the students will be analyzed by the software.
  • Confirmation will be done with the help of GPS technology for every uploaded image byensuring thateach student has uploaded the same plant’s image every time.
  • Growth of the plant is observed and noted in the database by comparing current and previous images of the same plant.
  • After every image upload a notification will be sent to the student about the validity of the image and a motivational message to sustain in the scheme.

4. Credit in Examination

  • For completion of the given activity successfully i.e. plantation, survival and growth of the planted tree the member student will get incentive credit in his end exam. The incentive credit will be given for Marking/Grading evaluation system as follows –
    For the programs with duration more than 1 year
    Year Incentive Credit for New Plant Incentive Credit for Maintenance of old plant Total Incentive Credit
    Marks Grade Points Marks Grade Points Marks Grade Points
    First 5 0.05 --- --- 5 0.05
    Second 5 0.05 5 0.05 10 0.10
    Third 5 0.05 5 0.05 10 0.10
    For the programs with duration 1 year
    5 0.05 5 0.05 10 0.10
  • The Member student will acquire 50% of the total credit after 6 months and remaining 50% after 1 year only if he/she completes the activity successfully i.e. only if the plant is survived and grown higher.
  • No credit will be given to the students whose uploaded photographs are found to be any of the following types –
    • GPS co-ordinates of any of the uploaded photographs do not match.
    • Malnourished/ungrown plant.
    • Dead plant.