Registrar’s Desk

Dr.Dinesh Bhonde YCMOU Registrar

To convince about existence of the green wealth around us, i.e. trees, to encourage to retain and grow the opulence and to enlighten about every person’s responsibility towards it is the prime aim of this project. This university has its an operational province all over the state, the students from almost every nook of the state enrol with this university. Thus, the project shall be implemented at in the entire state. With the valuable contribution of the students, this university has initiated to take care of the Green Armour around the earth. The project YOSOT shall encourage the students to understand importance of the trees, promote sincere outlook about the nature and shall generate emotional consciousness about the nature around. The university aims to have participation of about 500,000 students in this project every year.

Dr. Dinesh Bhonde,

Registrar, YCMOU, Nashik